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Our Small Team

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Ali Shakarchy

Hello! I'm Ali and I'm running the business operations side of Creation by Memories. I found my passion in building e-commerce stores at a young age, from simply re-selling items on eBay to evenutally running 6 figure online stores. As my experience grew, I wanted to focus on generating sales for products that I care about. In 2020, I reached out to Simon as a customer who wanted to get some watercolour artwork done. I loved his story and his artistic talents and decided then and there to begin sharing his talents to the world using my e-com skills. Today we're great friends and run the business together.

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Simon Rudd

Hello lovely visiors! I'm Simon and I've been painting using watercolours for as long as I can remember. I love the abstract nature of watercolours and how they mix and granulate together. I have a disability called Charcot Joint in both of my feet, this causes me immense pain all the time. I find painting to be a good therapeutic way of dealing with my problems and allows me to earn a living as well. Feel free to contact me if you want to ask me anything about watercolour artwork or if you want to chat about Charcot.

Our Mission

With Simon Rudd's artistic talent and Ali's expertise in running online stores. Together we believe we have the best team to transform peoples greatest moments captured on a camera, into a masterpiece that you, your partner & family will cherish for a lifetime. We get emails quite regularly from customers who tell us their partner was left in tears of joy when seeing the final canvas, this is what motivates us to keep going. We want to bring this joy to as many people as we can, one art piece at a time!

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